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Grove Estate

Lower Heamies Farm was re-developed to Barn Conversions in 2009, with Shire Barn being sold with an adjoining acre of land that had a south facing slope with perfect soil for fruit growth.

The original owners, with advice and guidance from Halfpenny Green Vineyards (Bobbington, South Staffs), planted and built the infrastructure of the vineyard in 2010, to create ‘Heamies Vineyard’. In all 1,000 vines were planted, consisting of three varieties.

Vines are not harvested for wine production until the third year, giving the first true harvest in 2013.

The original owners retained the vineyard as ‘hobbyists’, selling to family and friends without venturing in to a commercial operation.

Fast forward to May 2015 and Liz and Rob Grove purchased Shire Barn and without any prior experience made the decision to retain the vineyard. The registered name of the vineyard was changed in 2016 to ‘Grove Estate’ and was incorporated as ‘Grove Estate (wine) Limited’ in the same year.

Since taking over the vineyard and with the vines maturing, they have seen the total yield grow by 10% per annum.


The 6.7 pH of the soil, moderate amount of organic matter and the levels of phosphorus and potassium are ideal for the cultivation of fruit crops.


The climate in Eccleshall is warm and temperate with a great deal of rainfall. The temperature here averages 9.4 °C while the rainfall here averages 721 mm.


Three varieties of hybrid grapes are grown on Grove Estate including Rondo, Phoenix and Seyval Blanc. All varieties are perfect for the UK climate.

Grove Estate

The Location

Grove Estate | Location

Eccleshall is wonderful market town in Staffordshire, England. It is located seven miles north west of Stafford, and six miles west of Stone. Eccleshall is twinned with Sancerre in France.

Grove Estate | Wine Tasting

The estate

Tasting & Tours

If you would like to find out more about the vineyard why not organise a Tour and Wine-Tasting? All you have to do is contact us and we would love to show you around the vineyard and provide you with a taste of our wine.

We charge £50 per person, with £20 of it refundable against any purchases.