Grove Estate

Our Wines

We currently grow three varieties of grapes at Grove Estate, two white ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Seyval Blanc’ and one red, ‘Rondo’.

Phoenix has the characteristics of Bacchus and is sometimes compared to Sauvignon Blanc while Seyval Blanc is well suited to oak aging and can be used for still or sparkling wines. The wine produced is often crisp with a relatively high acidity level, the flavours can be quite neutral which lends itself to blending. Grove Estate has indeed blended their Phoenix and Seyval from the 2015 harvest to produce our first stunning Sparkling White.

Rondo produces wines with very good colour and style and has overtones of classic red varieties. It blends well with other varieties and can be likened to a cross between Tempranillo and Syrah. The Rondo grapes have been used as a single variety from the 2015 harvest (SOLD OUT) and again as a single variety from the 2016 harvest and as a blend for our 2016 Sparkling Rose.

All of our grapes are German hybrid grapes that have been ‘created’ and used extensively in the UK due to their cold climate adaptability and resistance to mildew.

Grove Estate only uses grapes that are grown at Lower Heamies, which is less than 2 miles from the centre of Eccleshall, to protect out aim of being a truly local producer.

The wine is produced by Halfpenny Green Wines (Bobbington, South Staffordshire), calling on their years of experience in producing successful English wines and keeping the wine miles to a minimum.

Rondo 2015